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Our Sub-Organizations

OC Math Circle 


OC Math Circle draws aspiring, young mathematicians who are dedicated to improving the math culture in our community. Through tournaments, math clubs, AMC competitions, publications, and other service initiatives, we make math resources accessible to all. 

OC Science 

OC Science seeks to provide beneficial opportunities to a larger audience, with the hope that our youth will be exposed to the sciences and research opportunities early on, and as a result, become motivated to pursue STEAM-related career paths.

OC Engineer 

Orange County Engineer is dedicated to fostering engineering talents and promoting a passion for all fields of engineering. Our mission is to provide inspiring, fun engineering opportunities and spread the love for engineering globally.

OC Coder 

OC Coder aims to promote a love of computer science in the community. We encourage students to explore the field of computer science and learn and develop coding skills and techniques to their full potential.

OC Arts 

OC Arts strives to spread all aspects of arts to the community, helping students realize their artistic potential through community service projects. Through hosting various concerts and workshops, we are dedicated to showcasing the artistic abilities of students and fostering a love for the arts among young creative minds. 

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