General Events

Each Saturday, STEAM for All volunteers will be hosting events and activities via Zoom! Recaps of these events can be found here!

  • Elementary Science Bowl
    Sat, Jun 26
    Our first Super STEAM Saturday of the 2021 summer, the Elementary Science Bowl, is a fun and interactive event where students can answer questions and learn more about science in a lighthearted, competitive setting!
  • Spelling Bee
    Sat, Jul 03
    Join us for our Virtual Spelling Bee on July 3 and learn and practice spelling and vocabulary along with your peers in a fun, competitive setting!
  • Virtual Escape Room
    Sat, Jul 10
    Virtual Escape Room
    Are you a rising 4th-7th grader? Come join us for our next STEAM Summer Event, the Virtual Escape Room! The Virtual Escape Room combines creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving into one unique experience, similar to the real-life escape rooms many kids enjoy! Registration coming soon!
  • Puzzles for All
    Sat, Jul 17
    Puzzles for All
    Students in grades 4-6: join us for a fun-filled tournament held on Saturday, July 17, from 2-3 PM PDT with fun mental math and Rubik's cube activities to learn problem-solving skills and interact with peers! Registration coming soon!
  • Math Countdown
    Sat, Jul 24
    Math Countdown
    Our Math Countdown is a great opportunity to expand your horizons and test your mathematical knowledge and intuition; we have a lot of fun math games and fast-paced competition problems in store for you on July 24! Registration coming soon!
  • Engineering Mixer
    Sat, Jul 31
    Engineering Mixer
    Our Engineering Mixer will take place on July 31! Join to engage with your peers and learn about various Engineering topics through fun activities, including Jeopardy! Registration coming soon!
  • Science Olympiad Scrimmage
    Sat, Aug 07
    Science Olympiad Scrimmage
    Open to all students in grades 3-6, the Science Olympiad Scrimmage will be a fun and exciting event designed to teach students unique science concepts and encourage them to pursue their interests in a friendly and competitive format. Registration coming soon!
  • O-mazing Origami!
    Sat, Aug 14
    O-mazing Origami!
    Venture into the art of papercraft, hone your skills, or expand your repertoire through our new event, Omazing Origami! You will also be exposed to some applications of origami and see everyone else's creations from just a piece of paper! Registration coming soon!