MATHCOUNTS Mock Countdown

STEAM for All held the first math Super STEAM Saturday, the Mock MATHCOUNTS Countdown, through Zoom on July 11th, 2020! One hundred students in grades 5 to 8 competed among their groups of 8 and answered questions as quickly and accurately as possible while being guided by 40 STEAM for All volunteers. Participants competed in two separate rounds: the elimination, where there were five sets of five questions and the participants received points if they correctly answered all questions in a set, and the Countdown, where two students would “buzz” in through the chat to answer questions, with the best out of 3 winning and moving on to the next round. We congratulate all of our contestants, and thank you for coming!

The Mock MATHCOUNTS Countdown allowed participants to experience the fun part of competitive math, the Countdown round, that is typically only accessible to those who excel in the MATHCOUNTS competition. Students were exposed to a variety of mathematical areas, such as number theory, geometry, and combinatorics, through the diverse sets of problems. The fun competition and inviting atmosphere encouraged the students to pursue an interest in competition math starting from a young age--a seventh grader who attended the event said, “I like how there is order in math. There are certain formulas to solve certain problems,” and commented on how the tournament’s challenging problems helped her learn a lot. We hope that all the students who participated had a great time, and we hope to see you all at our future Summer STEAM Saturdays! 


Top Scorers:

Gold Division: Kevin Zhu, Sohil Rathi, Agam Randhawa, Sriram Srinivasa Kalki

Silver Division: Kevin Li, Anthony Mokhov, Tiffany Kim, Ethan Wang

Bronze Division: Daniel Wang, Alexandra Nottage, Alvin Chen, Iris Cai, Derrick Chen

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