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Join the Orange County ARML Team

ARML Logo.jpeg

We are excited to announce that Orange County now has its own ARML teams! ARML, the American Regions Mathematics League, is an exciting chance twice a year for students to challenge themselves in a high-school-level math competition (of course, younger students are welcome too!). But it is more than just a competition. The large number of people on a team easily creates a community. Indeed, one of our members, Benjamin F., pointed out that “ARML brings math enthusiasts together.” Joshua J., who has participated in ARML since 4th grade, adds, “ARML is poggers!!!”



Please note that, although ARML is a national competition, OC ARML encourages mainly those from the Orange County area to join as we plan to hold future meetings mainly in-person. If you are from a different area, we encourage you to find a local ARML team or start your own!


We will have meetings roughly once or twice a month in preparation for the local competition in late April (teams of 6) but during the month of May, right before the regional competition in early June (teams of 15), we hold a lot more meetings. Once you have filled in the form, you will be added to the mailing list, and from then on, you will receive information regarding OC ARML.

Overall, the ARML experience has changed lives for the better. A graduating senior this year and STEAM for All volunteer, Arvin Ding looks back and feels nostalgic, calling it “a really rewarding experience where I connected with people who shared my passion for math.” We hope that you can join us and have this rewarding experience as well!

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