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Mock AMC 10/12: Orange Mathematics Competition 10/12

We are excited to release our third virtual OMC 10/12, a FREE mock AMC 10/12 with questions written by volunteers with years of experience in competition math! Students may only take one exam. Like the AMCs, students in and below 10th grade can take the OMC 10 while students in and below 12th grade can take the OMC 12. Students will have a great opportunity to challenge themselves with new questions, listen to experienced competitors explain the most difficult questions, and be recognized in an awards ceremony!
Who: All students in grades 12 or below!
When: Saturday, October 29th, 2022 from 2-4:30PM PST
Where: Via Zoom, link to be sent closer to the date!

OMC 2021 10_12.jpg
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