Puzzles for All Tournament

Puzzles for All attracted a wide variety of students and was a highly successful event. The planning took extra time but ultimately this activity can be reused multiple times using similar structures, so there is good long-run payoff for the volunteer's efforts. With 77% attendance, this event set the record for the highest yield rate so far. We conjecture this is due to a few reasons: 1. There was more than one "event" to satisfy different interests. 2. People are attracted to challenging high-success rate (that require little preparation) events like 24, connect-4, and Rubik's cube. 3. We did a good job with outreach. 4. It was towards the latter half of the summer programs, and early adopters of our summer program were probably able to spread the word to more interested people, leading to a group of more motivated students who want to attend. Some notes for the future is that there was a little bit of a lag due to technical difficulties (breakout rooms) that could be alleviated with more practice with forming breakout rooms OR with bigger breakout rooms. Additionally, we agreed collectively that more dry runs could be helpful in the future now that we know how events like these operate.

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