Virtual Escape Room

The Virtual Escape Room took place on Saturday, August 15th from 4-5pm through Zoom, and over 100 students in grades 4-7 participated in this ultimate team-building activity. As our last summer event, the Virtual Escape Room integrated aspects of creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving into a unique experience for kids to enjoy. Specifically, they engaged in various fun activities that challenged them to solve brain-tickling puzzles and riddles via interactive means. The event was purposely designed to look like real-life escape rooms, where teams of participants must find hidden clues, solve problems that stimulate logical thinking, and unravel the mystery before the time runs out. Overall, coordinated by a group of wonderful STEAM for All volunteers, the Virtual Escape Room was a great success in providing a source of entertainment for participants to tackle different logic-based puzzles and at the same time stay connected with friends, especially during this time of difficulty.

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