Virtual Family Fair

Welcome to our free Virtual Family Fair today from 2 PM to 4 PM PDT!

Below are the Zoom codes for each event. To join an activity, click the "Join Here" button, and you will be redirected to the Zoom meeting. We encourage you to move from event to event to experience all of the exciting virtual events we have prepared for you!


If you have any questions, join any event and ask a volunteer or email

Once again, thank you for your cooperation & commitment to STEAM. Enjoy the Virtual Family Fair!



Science Bowl    

Come and join our Science Bowl event, where you can choose from four Science Bowl-themed rooms that vary in difficulty and topic. Students will have the opportunity to learn about various branches of science including physics, biology, animal anatomy, color theory, and optics. Come and engage in friendly competitions to showcase your science trivia knowledge!


Math Mixer

Math Magic!

Come join us to watch amazing math-related magic tricks performed by our very own SfA volunteers! These magic tricks will certainly bring about a sense of wonder and curiosity about math among all participants.


Be A News Reporter!

Spelling Bee

Students in grades 3-8, join us for a special SfA Spelling Bee to learn with your peers and enhance your language skills! Students will have the thrilling opportunity to test their spelling abilities and learn new words through an interactive speed spelling activity. Be ready to test your mental stamina and improve your spelling skills!


The MadLibs event will feature the STEAM for All version of the classic MadLibs game! Students will have the opportunity to fill in the blanks of a story with their peers through a fun and entertaining game. Join us to exercise and build your reading and writing skills at this fun and exciting event!


Binary Bits

All students in grades 3-8 are welcome to join our Binary Bits event! Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate with peers and learn about binary systems through fun interactive activities. Come to participate in a variety of activities and have a fun time learning about binary technology!

Scratch Puzzles

Chess Bonanza



Join the Build-A-Catapult event to practice your engineering skills! Participants will build their very own origami catapult then learn about and experience first-hand the science behind catapults. Participants will also have the opportunity to make their own unique designs and try them out!

STEAM in the Park Math Fun
STEAM in the Park Math Fun

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STEAM in the Park Math Fun
STEAM in the Park Math Fun

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STEAM in the Park Science Fun
STEAM in the Park Science Fun

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STEAM in the Park Math Fun
STEAM in the Park Math Fun

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