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Virtual Family Fair 2023!

Welcome to STEAM for All's annual Virtual Family Fair! The event will be held on Sunday, September 10th from 2–4 PM PDT via Zoom. Students from grades 3–8 as well as their families are invited to attend! 

On the day of the event, there will be separate breakout rooms for each activity and we encourage you to move from event to event to experience all of the exciting virtual events we have prepared for you!

Thank you for your cooperation & commitment to STEAM. Please see below for previews of the various activities we are offering, and if you have any questions, please email

Science Skribbl

Come and compete to best represent scientific topics using your art skills! With drawing topics ranging from astronomy to botany, you’ll learn how to represent science creatively. Using the platform, students will guess the scientific phrase from a drawn concept.


Science Bowl    

Come and join our Science Bowl event, where you will have the opportunity to learn about various branches of science including physics, biology, animal anatomy, color theory, and optics. Come and engage in friendly competitions to showcase your science trivia knowledge!

Elemental Escape Room

In the Elemental Escape room, students will be placed in a virtual laboratory-themed escape room where they will use their knowledge of biology and chemistry to solve a series of complex puzzles. Join us to see if you will be able to successfully escape the evil scientist’s laboratory before the time runs out!


Math Mixer

Join OCMC’s Math Mixer for a fun test of your math and problem-solving skills through logic puzzles, estimation problems, and sequence predictions! Compete and engage in this lighthearted competition with fun and original questions.

Math Magic!

Check out our returning Math Magic event for some bewildering tricks and a captivating display of math and logic! Stimulate your reasoning and deduction skills for one magical afternoon—some of the tricks might even be explained!

Chess Bonanza

Come join us at STEAM for All’s Chess Bonanza! Put your chess skills together with your friends in a game of vote chess against our 2000+ rated volunteers. No chess experience is needed, everyone is welcome to come!


Mad Libs

Join us at STEAM for All's Virtual Family Fair for a fun Mad Libs event! Participants will get the exciting opportunity to craft their own hilarious, unique stories by identifying different parts of speech. Mad Libs will give you the chance to exercise your creativity and see your ideas come to life!


Be a CEO

Business, leadership, and entrepreneurship are integral skills needed to be successful in nearly every aspect of STEAM. As a "Choose Your Own Adventure"-type event, Be a CEO will teach and guide students through an interactive business simulation, where they will collaborate in teams to create their own start-up company! Participants will be able to make their own decisions while being introduced to fundamental finance, leadership, and mathematical concepts, which will determine the success of their company. 

Speed Investing

Experience what it is like to be a Shark Tank investor and make bold decisions with your money. In this event, participants will play an exciting, fast-paced game where they will have the chance to learn about stocks, financial literacy, and math while having fun! 

The Price is Right 

Join this event to participate in a rendition of "The Price is Right" where students will learn how upcoming technologies and other items are priced in the market. The activity will consist of a Kahoot-style game where students will need to think on their feet and engage in a healthy competition. 


Binary Bits

All students in grades 3-8 are welcome to join our Binary Bits event! Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate with peers and learn about binary systems through fun interactive activities. Come to participate in a variety of activities and have a fun time learning about binary technology!

Scratch Puzzles

Come and join Scratch Puzzles to learn more about the coding platform Scratch! Participants will answer questions with their peers about Scratch blocks and end up with a finished game. Afterwards, participants can customize the game based on their creativity!


Flying Ring

Welcome to the Flying Ring! In this event participants will harness their engineering skills in an aerodynamics event! Each person will create their own flying paper ring using simply paper and tape and will have time to practice throwing and testing it around their house. Join us in this physics-loaded endeavor!

Crafty Clues 

Welcome to Crafty Clues! In this event, participants will be presented with a series of intriguing clues describing the structure of an object. Using these clues, they use their imagination and structural engineering skills to create an accurate design. Join us in this exploration of engineering!

Civil Engineering Challenge

Welcome to the Civil Engineering Challenge! In this event, participants will learn the fundamentals of constructing excellent structures using common household materials. Participants will then be challenged to apply their knowledge to design and craft their own structures conforming to design constraints in the real world of civil engineering! Join us in this hands-on activity as you become an expert civil engineer!

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