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OCMC Team Placed 16th at the CHMMC!

On January 23, 2021, OC Math Circle sent its High School Math Team to participate in the Caltech Harvey Mudd Math Competition (CHMMC) and scored 16th place overall!


CHMMC is a highly competitive, challenging math tournament with two main rounds, the Individual Round and the Group Round, and tiebreakers. Due to its virtual format this year, the competition slightly changed the Group Round (which in its original format is the Power Round) to consist of two parts, the proof round and the team round, held during the same 90-minute interval. Half of the team works on the proof-based questions in the proof round while the other half works on the 10-question team round. The Individual Round, held later, is a 15-question test taken by each participant for 60 minutes.


Congratulations to everyone who participated and to OCMC's team who worked on these challenging problems together!

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