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STEAM for All School Chapters are volunteer clubs situated in high schools to bring the spirit of organized, effective volunteering to everyone. With the goal of broadening our impact, and making a more inclusive STEAM environment, STEAM for All will sustain our efforts to assist high-schoolers across the nation in the creation of these chapters. Chapters operate as independent, yet affiliated branches of STEAM for All which able to host events, recruit volunteers, and foster a spirit of STEAM-focused community service in their school. 

School Chapters

Existing Chapters

Your school may already have a chapter. Please reach out to the following school presidents to inquire for leadership and volunteer roles. Our existing chapters (2023-2024 school year) are in these following high schools:


University High School

Irvine, CA


Sage Hill School

Newport Beach, CA


Legacy Magnet Academy

Tustin, CA


Tesoro High School

Las Flores, CA


Troy High School

Fullerton, CA


Clark Magnet High School

Glendale, CA


Ruben S. Ayala High School

Chino Hills, CA


Eastlake High School

Sammamish, WA


Portola High School

Irvine, CA


Juanita High School

Kirkland, WA


Capistrano Valley High School

Mission Viejo, CA


Trabuco Hills High School

Mission Viejo, CA

If you are a 9-12th grader and are interested in starting a STEAM for All School Chapter, please read the following operation manual. You can find all information on starting, sustaining, and renewing chapters in there.

Let's get started.

Why start a chapter?

As a high school student, you are just beginning to find your place in the world. Join a school chapter where you can make a difference in the lives of others and in your own.

  • Build Leadership - STEAM for All chapters give high school students more opportunities to be leaders in their school.

  • Improve Academic and Social Achievement - Our events allow students to grow academically. Volunteers learn to work in a team, with their teacher advisors.

  • Volunteer Opportunities - Students can earn volunteer hours and qualify for the President's Volunteer Service. In a school chapter environment, you can volunteer with your friends!

  • Bring Your Ideas to Action! - Our volunteers teach and allow younger generations to become interested in STEAM. In chapters, you work closely with peers and have more opportunities to host events.

Standout Chapters

Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 1.26.49 PM.png




Uni group meet.png

Steps to Start a Chapter


Submit a start-up form

A successful chapter is rewarding and adds to your school community. If you meet the eligibility requirements (in the manual above), fill out the New Chapters Application Start-Up Form to begin. The deadline for the 2023-2024 school year has passed. 


Get School Approval

Your new chapter must be approved as a school club by your school's administration or student body (ASB) before things become official. This process can vary and your Teacher Advisor can assist you. Note: Beginning earlier in the school year can expedite the approval process.


Find a Teacher Advisor

Your Teacher Advisor is your chapter’s mentor: they will serve to oversee weekend events, provide their classroom for weekly meetings, and will be your liaison to your school administration. Many chapters choose a science or math teacher, but any staff member can mentor.


Recruit students and host events

As an official STEAM for All chapter, you are expected to hold regular meetings.  We have resources like posters and flyers to help you with promotion, and we will connect you with other STEAM for All students in leadership positions who’ll guide you as you get started.

Additional Chapter Requirement Documents

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