School Chapters

In true STEAM for All fashion, we are excited to announce our continued support of STEAM for All School Chapters despite the current pandemic. With the goal of broadening our impact, and making a more inclusive STEAM environment, STEAM for All will sustain our efforts to assist high-schoolers across the nation in the creation of these chapters. Chapters operate as independent, yet affiliated branches of STEAM for All which able to host events, recruit volunteers, and foster a spirit of STEAM-focused community service in their school. Given the present circumstances, all chapters will be required to operate entirely online.

If you are a 9-12th grader and are interested in starting a STEAM for All School Chapter, please continue reading and review the documents below!

Why start or join a chapter?

As a high school student, you are just beginning to find your place in the world. Join a school chapter where you can make a difference in the lives of others and in your own.

  • Build Leadership - STEAM for All enables its students to grow their leadership skills. Students learn leadership skills through team collaboration, and students learn what it means to be a team.  

  • Improve Academic Achievement - Our events allow students to grow academically by challenging our students mentally. Students learn essential academic skill and achievement that will propel them to succeed in school.

  • Volunteer Opportunities - By becoming volunteers students can give back to their community by helping and encouraging STEAM-related events. Students can also earn volunteer hours and qualify for the President's Volunteer Service.

  • Bring Your Ideas to Action! - Our volunteers teach and allow younger generations to become interested in STEAM. Your creative ideas on how to do so could turn into successful events!

How to start a chapter

Step 1 - Apply to STEAM for All to start a chapter

Refer to this spreadsheet to see if your school already has a chapter. If not and you wish to start a chapter, read through the documents provided below. Then, email and state your name and school. 

Step 2 - Contact your school's activity director

Confirm with your school’s activity director that you can start a chapter. Make sure your school agrees to have your chapter and that there is an agreement to use the school’s facility.


Step 3 - Select an advisor

Select a school teacher or administrator (preferably someone in relation to a STEAM related subject) to advise and supervise meetings.


Step 4 - Recruit members

Encourage students who are interested in STEAM related fields to join and select enthusiastic and passionate students to be board members. All members should review the manual linked below.


Step 5 - Select leadership

Chapter leaders must have completed the Youth Leadership Program and attend a chapter president meeting in October. Chapter presidents should select passionate students to be on their leadership board.


Step 6 - Sustain your chapter

Prepare for and host monthly events. In addition to hosting monthly events, school chapters must submit an event recap form monthly. Failure to submit this report will result in a temporary suspension of the school chapter. 

Chapter Requirement Documents

Sustain a Chapter

Use this form to submit an event proposal for your school chapter. The form must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the proposed event date. The Directors of School Chapters will review your request and let you know if the event is approved or not. Remember, all chapters are required to host at least one event per semester.

Use this form to submit a recap for an event your chapter hosted. This form must be submitted within one week of the event. Completion of this form is mandatory in order for your chapter members to get their hours verified and approved using

Questions? Email!