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October 2023

Capture the Flag, Medieval Madness, Collaborative Storutelling Workshop, OCMC, and more

June 2023

Summer Preview, OC Arts Jeopardy, Design It, Build It, School Chapters Highlight, and more

February 2023

Civil Engineering Workshop, Collaborative Storywriting Workshop, CAD Conductor, OC Science's Book, and more

October 2022

Girl Scouts STEM Expo, Python Escape Room, Math Fun Day, Science Fun Night, and more

June 2022

School Chapter, Super-STEAM Summer, MATHCOUNTS Countdown, and more

February 2022

Creative Writing Workshop, Animations Workshop, School Chapters Highlights, and more!

October 2021

Spelling Spree, Harvest Math Invitational, OMC 10/12, School Chapter information, and more!

June 2021

Year in Review,

OMC8/10/12, HMI, AGMT, Guest Lecture Series,

and more!

February 2021

Science & Engineering Olympiad Invitational, Puzzles for All, Guest Lecture, and more!

October 2020

 AMC 10/12 A and B, 


School Chapters,

and more!

June 2020

Virtual Volunteer Fair, YLP, Senior Sendoff, PVSA Winners, Math Team,

and more!

February 2020


To China with Love!

September 2023

Annual Virtual Family Fair, Volunteers of the Month, Elementary and Middle School Math Clubs, and more

May 2023

In-Person Volunteer Fair, Leadership Conference, Volunteer Opportunities,

 and more

January 2023

New Year's Invitational, Guest Lecture, Science Inquiry Workshop, AMC 8, and more

September 2022

MSMC Meeting, Boat Builders, ESMC Meeting, All Girls Math Online Tournament, and more

May 2022

Virtual Volunteer Fair, Spring Benefit Concert, Writing Challenge, OCMC, and more

January 2022

AMC 8, OMC 8, New Year's Invitational, Civil Engineering Mixer, Science Trivia, and more!

September 2021

Virtual Family Fair, AGMT, Elementary and Middle School Math Clubs,

and more!

May 2021

Virtual Volunteer Fair, MacArthur STEM Night, AGMT, CCAMB,

and more!

January 2021

AMC 10/12, NYI, OMC 10/12, Chess Tournament,

Guest Lecture,

and more!

September 2020

AMC 8, OMC 8,


Virtual Family Fair Recap,

and more!

May 2020

Volunteer Fair, USO(J)MO, Harvard-MIT Tournament, Online Scratch Class,

and more!

January 2020

AMC 10/12, Scratch Classes, SageHack Competition,

New Year’s Invitational,

and more!

August 2023

Guest Lecture, Creative Carnival, Finance Frenzy, Physics & Balloon Cars,

and more

April 2023

Orange County Science and Engineering Expo, All Girls Math Tournament, Guest Lecture, and more

December 2022

Ambassador's Program, OMC 8, ESMC Meeting, MSMC Meeting,

OCMC Book, and more

August 2022

Volunteer Opportunities, Puzzle for ALL, SchoolChapter, AMC Update, and more

April 2022

Engineering Fun Night, AGMT, OCSEW, SfA Ambassador's Program,

and more! 

December 2021

Hour of Code, Math Relay Race, Holiday Math Trivia, ESMC, MSMC,

and more! 

August 2021

SciOly Scrimmage, O-mazing Origami, Math Trivia, Engineering Mixer,

and more! 

April 2021

USA(J)MO, OC ARML, CHMMC, PUMAC, SciOly Workshop, School Chapters, and more!

December 2020

AMC 10/12,  SciOly Scrimmage, NYI, Benefit Concert, SfA School Chapter, and more!

August 2020

Virtual Family Fair, YLP, AGMOT, Volunteer Spotlight, Summer Recap,

and more!

April 2020

Online Homework Club, Super STEAM Saturdays, Online Volunteering,

and more!

July 2023

Math Madness, Science Olympiad Scrimmage,

Power It With Pennies,

 and more

March 2023

Scratch Hackathon, Leadership Conference, Be a City Designer, OCMC, and more

November 2022

O-mazing Origami, Hour of Code, Business Fun Night, ESMC Meeting, MSMC Meeting, and more

July 2022

Virtual Escape Room, Ambassador's Program, Hackathon, Science Mixer, and more

March 2022

Scratch Classes, Clever Computers, CAD Builder, Math Fun Night,

and more!

November 2021

Thanksgiving Math Tournament, O-mazing Origami, Scratch Competition, and more! 

July 2021

Volunteer Opportunities, School Chapter, Science Bowl, Spelling Bee,

and more!

March 2021

SciOly Workshop,

Escape Room, April Guest Lecture, AGMT, PVSA,

and more!

November 2020

AMC 10/12,  Hour of Code, Holiday Benefit Concert, OMC 8, AGMOT,

and more!

July 2020

Summer Events, YLP, Science Olympiad Scrimmage, Alumni Association, and more!

March 2020

Volunteer Messages,

To China with Love,

NYI updates,

and more!

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