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2024 All Girls Math Tournament


We are thrilled to have hosted the 15th annual All Girls Math Tournament. Girls in grades 3-8 engaged in a stimulating, exciting competition while collaborating alongside their peers. This year, we were honored to have Dr. Florea, a mathematics professor from UCI share her insight about pursuing a career in math. 

2024 New Year's Invitational


Orange County Math Circle successfully hosted the 13th annual New Year’s Invitational, a free, mock MATHCOUNTS tournament, for students in grades 6-8. This friendly yet rigorous competition featured three individual rounds and one team round, each testing students’ knowledge, speed and accuracy with a series of challenging math problems.

2023 Thanksgiving Math Tournament


At STEAM for All's 16th annual Thanksgiving Math Tournament, participants worked hard to enhance their teamwork skills and fuel their passion for math by solving various competitive math problems in an individual test round and a team

activity round.

Irvine Science and Engineering Day


As we work with the City of Irvine to continue to foster STEAM education, STEAM for All is thrilled to announce that April 23rd, 2023, is officially proclaimed as Science and Engineering Day by the City of Irvine! 

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April Guest Lecture

April GL.png

Thank you to those who joined our fourth, final, virtual Guest Lecture discussing community service and STEM in high school from our panel of distinguished SfA seniors! We hope you enjoyed our monthly Guest Lectures and will join us for more next year!


Escape Room 1.png

Our highly successful Virtual Escape Room simulated a real-life escape room, a great opportunity for kids to engage in a creative problem-solving environment and solve puzzles as a team.

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Congrats 2021 PUMaC Competitors!


Congratulations to our High School Math Team from Orange County Math Circle for their outstanding performance on PUMaC, a very challenging high school math competition!

Science Olympiad Workshop

SciOly Workshop.png

Our first virtual Science Olympiad Workshop, about Experimental Design, was a great success, helping students build critical knowledge and skills to design their own experiments and write conclusions.


Puzzles for All.png

Thank you to those who joined SfA's first Puzzles for All Tournament of 2021, an interactive competition testing students' ability to solve Rubik's Cube quickly and win games of 24, on February 27th!

MacArthur Family STEM Night

MacArthur Family STEM Night.png

SfA invited students from Santa Ana's MacArthur Elementary School to participate in fun science activities, with a lot of hands-on activities and experiments to help students engage with the material.

February Guest Lecture

Guest Lecture.jpg

Thank you to our panelists and the students and parents who joined us for our February Guest Lecture Series on February 13th discussing opportunities in science and pursuing research opportunities!

Science and Engineering Olympiad

Science and Engineering Oly.png

SfA held its Science and Engineering Olympiad, including many fun events focusing on astronomy, memory, oceanography, and chemistry, on February 20th and was a great opportunity for students to challenge themselves and engage in friendly competition!

2021 AMC 10/12 Exam Hosted Virtually!

2021 AMC 10:12.jpg

Thank you and congratulations to everyone who joined us for the 2021 AMC 10/12 exams this year, a national competitions testing advanced competition math skills! Good luck to those who made AIME!

January Guest Lecture in Business & Entrepreneurship!

January 2021 Guest Lecture.png

Our second virtual Guest Lecture Series on Business and Entrepreneurship was held on the last days of January! Thank you to those who came and to our panelists!

OCMC Team Placed 16th at CHMMC


Congratulations to Orange County Math Circle's High School Math Team for their excellent performance at CHMMC, a challenging high school mathematics competition!



On February 27th, OC Math Circle sent two teams to compete in CMIMC, a challenging high-school level algorithmic and math competition. Congratulations to everyone who placed and represented OCMC!

New Year's Invitational

NYI 2021.png

Although the 2020 New Year's Invitational last year was canceled, we brought together so many excited and talented sixth to eighth graders for our virtual 2021 New Year's Invitational, which was a blast! Thank you to those who came and congratulations!

Science Olympiad Scrimmage

SciOly 2021.png

STEAM for All held its Science Olympiad Scrimmage,  a fun and exciting event designed to teach students about science in a friendly, competitive format, on December 19th via Zoom. 

Sage Hill School Chapter Hosts First Online Event!

Sage Chapter Science Bowl.jpg

On December 12th, Sage Hill's SfA Chapter successfully hosted its first online event of the year, attracting over 40 students in the area! If you are interested in making your own school chapter, go to the School Chapters tab under Volunteer Now! We hope you join us!

SfA Hosts First OMC 10/12 Mock Exam

OMC 2021 10_12.jpg

Paralleling the highly successful OMC 8 exam in November, we hosted yet another OMC--this time as preparation for the AMC 10/12 exam! Thank you to those who joined our first OMC 10/12, and congratulations to our high scorers!

All Girls Math Online Tournament


STEAM for All successfully held the third AGMOT from October to November! We would like to congratulate our top scorers for their outstanding performance!

Guest Lecture Series


Thank you to those who joined our first virtual Guest Lecture Series, which featured a panel of two SfA alumni and one professional discussing the impacts of computer science on their careers and extracurriculars! Hope to see you at our future lectures!

Virtual Spelling Bee

unnamed (1).png

STEAM for All is excited to have held its Virtual Spelling Bee on November 7th, 2020! It is an entertaining event where students practice spelling and vocabulary through interactive means. Thank you to those who came!

Virtual Hour of Code


Thank you to those who joined our first virtual Hour of Code on Saturday, December 5th, which provided an opportunity for those who would like to pursue computer science in the future to further their knowledge and interest!

Thanksgiving Tournament

Thanksgiving Tourny.png

Congratulations to all of our top scorers and those who joined us for our annual Thanksgiving Tournament on November 21! Also, thanks to our volunteers who helped make this event possible!

2020 Virtual Family Fair


STEAM for All held the Virtual Family Fair (originally named STEAM in the Park), a fun and interactive event with booths held by each organization in each area of STEAM, on September 13th via Zoom. 


Untitled drawing (10).png

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) has released information regarding the American Mathematics Competitions (AMCs) in the 2020-2021 school year.

Harvest Math Invitational


Congratulations to all of our top scorers at our inaugural Harvest Math Invitational on October 24, and thank you so much to all of our donors who made this tournament possible!



STEAM for All held its Speech and Debate Competition, an engaging and competitive event where participants learn important speech and debate skills on August 8th via Zoom. 

Berkeley Math Tournament


Orange County Math Circle's High School Math Club teams performed very well in the Berkeley Math Tournament on October 3rd and 4th, 2020!


To China with Love.png

Starting from Feb. 23, STEAM for All will be launching a fundraiser, “To China, with Love,” to support the people of Wuhan, China in light of the recent coronavirus outbreak. 

23_04_23 - Irvine Science and Engineering Day Proclamation  (1).png
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