How to Become a Volunteer


You do not have to join the courses below. You will be sent an email with a Google Form instead.



You will need to complete our Youth Leadership Program (YLP) course in order to volunteer with SfA this summer.


You can now self-enroll in the Youth Leadership Program course!


Alternatively, sign up for Canvas below and join with the code XHWR8P !

Students in grades 8-12 interested in volunteering with STEAM for All must complete the “Youth Leadership Program - Tier 1”, an online course designed to provide volunteer training. Following the completion of this online course, you will become an eligible STEAM for All volunteer and are encouraged to volunteer with the many community service opportunities that STEAM for All provides.

Volunteer opportunities will be sent out through Volunteer Newsletters. Only those who complete the Youth Leadership program will be have access to these!

STEAM for All has now released two new tiers of Youth Leadership: “How to be a good volunteer teacher” and “How to be a good volunteer leader". General volunteers who have been nominated by event captains or Student Council members are eligible for these tiers. Successful completion of the course allows volunteers to become eligible to become event leaders and hold board positions with STEAM for All, along with becoming eligible to become a member of Student Council upon successful completion of Tier 3. 

How to Track Your Hours 

1. Go to
2. Click “create an account” and input the information asked for

After every meeting/event go on the Voluntu application and click on track hours, enter your hours using military time, and then wait for your supervisor to approve your hours.