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School Chapter Events

Please continue reading below to learn more about the many events our school chapters have organized and executed over the past years in order to bring STEAM opportunities to their local communities. 

Troy High School- Boy Scouts STEM Night

On Friday, September 9th, 2022, Troy High School STEAM for All volunteers held a STEM Night for Boy Scout Pack 696 at Brywood Elementary in Irvine, CA. There were 40 cub scouts between first and fifth grade having fun during Wilderness Charades and Fingerprinting

Scouts first gathered around in a semicircle for Wilderness Charades. With words like ‘grizzly bear’ and ‘making a campfire’, the participants acted out being survival experts, as others eagerly offered their guesses.

For the second half of our event (Fingerprinting), participants learned about their unique fingerprints. They used their own pencil inkpad to see the unique whorls, loops, and arches that distinguish their own fingerprints. Everybody took home their own paper sheets filled with their unique stamps.

Troy High School- Science Olympiad Workshop

SfA's Troy chapter hosted the STEAM for All Science Olympiad Workshops for the Sierra Vista Science Olympiad program from Monday, June 13th through Friday, June 17th. In this week-long bootcamp, volunteers who were members of Troy Science Olympiad and/or the Troy Tech Magnet programs taught biology, earth science, physics, and chemistry to inquisitive, bright students. The event was held in a hybrid mode, both online and virtually, and concluded with exams. Volunteers also gave talks on Study Skills and ID Skills, key abilities that any Science Olympian should master. In between lectures, students had chances to socialize, collaborate, and prepare materials for upcoming tournaments.

University High School- Civil Engineering Mixer 

The Civil Engineering Mixer was recently held on Tuesday, March 29th, 2022 at KidWorks in Santa Ana, California. STEAM for All's University High School Chapter collaborated with Uni Talentshare club to bring an engaging engineering experience to underprivileged elementary schoolers. In the event, participants were introduced to foundational civil engineering concepts used in modern architecture and then were able to apply this information to a hands-on, tower-building activity. Overall, students were able to engage in learning while having fun, and each group customized and decorated their own unique tower designs which can be viewed below! 

Sage Hill High School- Spring Engineering Challenge

The Sage Hill STEAM for All Chapter hosted its first-ever Spring Engineering Challenge. Students in grades 4-6 from over 10 elementary schools demonstrated their knowledge in physics and engineering. Participants built a catapult as well as an egg drop lander in teams of 4, which were then tested and scored. We thank our 80+ participants for spending their Saturday afternoon with us, and look forward to hosting more events next year!

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