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Our Sub-Organizations

OC Math Circle

OC Math Circle continues to draw aspiring young mathematicians from across Southern California and across the country who are dedicated to serving students through math events and improving the math culture in our community. Through tournaments, math clubs, AMC competitions, publications, and other service initiatives, we make math resources accessible to all.

OC Science

OC Science is a student-run organization that works to inspire and spread interest in science amongst youth. OC Science seeks to provide these highly-beneficial opportunities to a larger audience, especially students in elementary and middle school, in hopes that more and more of our youth will be exposed to the sciences and research opportunities at an early age, and as a result, become motivated to pursue STEAM-related (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) career paths in the future.

OC Coder

OC Coder aims to promote a love of computer science in the community. OC Coder encourages students to explore the field of computer science and learn and develop coding skills and techniques to their full potential.

OC Engineer

OC Engineer is a student-run, non-profit organization dedicated to fostering engineering talents and promoting passions for all fields of engineering. Through in-person engineering challenges as well as virtual engineering workshops, our mission is to provide inspiring & fun engineering opportunities and spread the love for engineering throughout the global community.

OC Arts

OC Arts is a student-run, non-profit organization that strives to spread all aspects of arts to the community, helping students realize their artistic potential through community service projects. OC Arts is dedicated to showcasing the artistic abilities of students and fostering a love for the arts among young creative minds.

OC Business

OC Business and Publicity aims to extend STEAM for All’s impact globally through outreach, publicity, and business. We are dedicated to emphasizing the integration of business and its applications in all aspects of STEAM. Our efforts are necessary to bring valuable educational opportunities to as many students as possible and help ensure the success of the overall organization. We collaborate with the sub-organizations, Student Council, school chapters, and more to maximize the effectiveness of our promotional efforts.

OC Scholar

OC Scholar aims to cultivate the intellectual vitality of our community by promoting academic and creative writing. Students will hone their writing, persuasion, and critical thinking skills through various workshops and events. By providing opportunities for students to report on local news and express themselves through written media, we foster the articulation of thoughts and ideas.

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