President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)

At STEAM for ALL, all the volunteers record their hours using a software called voluntu. Voluntu is a platform that facilitates efficient volunteer tracking, hour verification, and event sign-ups. It is designed for STEAM for ALL volunteering ONLY.

Getting Started:

  • Go onto 

  • Follow the steps to create an account

  • Go onto the Organizations page and join whichever organizations you plan to volunteer with. You can join as many organizations as you would like. You can also access the Organization websites and emails from the Organizations Page. 

  • After you have completed  volunteering events, go to the Record Events Page and fill in all the necessary information, selecting the appropriate organization and supervisor. 

What hours qualify?

Does Qualify:

  • Volunteering at an event you signed up for and received confirmation for your role/responsibility. 

  • Attending planning/leadership meetings that you contribute to and prepare for

  • Sending emails related to event planning/preparation

Does Not Qualify:

  • Communicating in a STEAM for All group chat

  • Lack of service or engagement while volunteering.

  • Failing to follow SFA Volunteer Agreement (Code of Conduct) while volunteering. 

  • Coming to an event without signing up

  • Signing up to an event but not showing up

  • Meetings in which you do not contribute any ideas


The President’s Volunteer Service Award is a program which gives citizens the opportunity to receive recognition for the community service they do. STEAM for All’s PVSA season begins on April 1st and ends March 31st the following year.

PVSA Winners.JPG