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Spelling Bee

STEAM for All hosted it’s first Online Spelling & Vocabulary Bee on June 27th, 2020 via Zoom! The event was an exciting, educational, and excellent experience for all of our participants. Over 70 participants–grades three to six–attended, all eager to demonstrate their aptitude for learning and mastery of words. The event was facilitated by 12 STEAM for All volunteers, each of whom had their own “breakout” rooms to conduct three distinct rounds of spelling and vocabulary related activities. Round One was a traditional spelling bee round in which a variety of advanced words were read by our volunteers and every participant had the opportunity to spell their designated word within a 20 second limit. The next round, a fan favourite, was a “Kahoot” which posed a variety of spelling, sentence structure, and vocabulary related questions––students thus had the opportunity to directly compete against their peers in an exciting game of speed and wit. The final round was a “speed spelling bee” in which words were read aloud to all participants and participants had to “buzz-in” to spell words as fast as possible. Finally, top spellers and word masters were honored in an award ceremony at the very end of the event. 


Participants and volunteers alike voiced their tremendous appreciation for this event and STEAM for All hopes to continue events such as the Spelling & Vocabulary Bee into the future! Every participant left our event as a winner––some with an award and everyone with their newfound knowledge and appreciation for the linguistic arts. In the brief span of a one-hour event, the SfA Spelling & Vocabulary Bee instilled within many students a desire to learn beyond their curricular interests and we are incredibly grateful for the support of the entire STEAM for All community. We hope you stay safe and healthy!

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