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2020 Berkeley Math Tournament

We have some great news from BMT!

Our A Team got 2nd overall out of more than 250 teams at BMT this year. In addition, we got 3rd place in the power round and 7th in the team round.


In addition, the following people placed in the following categories:

Andrew Gu, 1st place Discrete

Benjamin Fan, 2nd place Algebra

Won Jang, 3rd place Algebra.


We also had great individual results. All of the following people scored in the top 20%:

Andrew Gu (Algebra, Discrete)

Andy Zhu (Algebra, Discrete)

Arvin Ding, (Algebra, Discrete)

Benjamin Fan (Algebra, Geometry)

Benjamin Liu (Algebra, Discrete)

Neel Basu (Algebra, Geometry)

Sushanth Sathish Kumar (Algebra, Geometry)

Won Jang (Algebra, Discrete)

Andrei Mandelshtam (Calculus)

Benlin Gan (Individual)

Eric Lee (Algebra)

Ming Qi (Individual)

Sophia Chen (Geometry)

Surya Subbarao (Algebra)

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