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Guest Lecture Series

STEAM for All's monthly guest lecture series, led by our alumni and illustrious professionals, focus on different, specific fields to help shed light on future opportunities in each field and any steps you can take if you are interested in pursuing these fields. Thank you to everyone who has joined our lectures and to all of our speakers and panelists!

January Speakers

Sophia Chen

Sophia Chen

  • Junior at Sage Hill School

  • Co-president of OCMC

  • Founder of AGMOT

  • 6-time AIME qualifier

  • 2-time USAJMO qualifier

  • Math Prize for Girls award winner

  • 2-time USABO camper

  • USNCO High Honors

Andrew Gu

  • Freshman at Harvard University

  • Former co-president of OCMC

  • 6-time USAMO qualifier

  • 4-time MOPper

  • USA IMO team member

  • USACO platinum

  • USA IPhO team alternate

  • USNCO Honors

Andrew Gu.JPG
Emily Zhang.png

April Speakers

Community Service

Cynthia Qi.png
Alyssa Huang.png
Joanna Fan.png

Emily Zhang

MIT: Earth, Planetary and Atmospheric Sciences and/or Computer Science

President of Student Council 

Co-President of OC Science 

Director of OCSEW 

Cynthia Qi

MIT: Mathematics and Computer Science


Co-Director of Operations

 Former Co-President of Orange County Math Circle

Alyssa Huang

UIUC: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Robotics 4-time World Championship qualifier


SfA Engineering Department 

Joanna Fan

UPenn M&T Program: Computer Science, Finance, Business Analytics

Science Bowl and Science Olympiad Captain

Co-Director of Operations

February Speakers


Dr Dave Larue.jpg

Dr. Dave Larue

Dr. Larue earned his doctorate from Northwestern University. He was a professor of Geology at Stanford University and the University of Puerto Rico. Now, Dr. Larue now works as a Consulting Geologist for Chevron in Bakersfield.

Sherry Xu.jpg

Sherry Xu

OC Science and Math for Service 

Yale University c/o 2022

Double major in Earth & Planetary Sciences and Environmental Studies

undergraduate research fellow in the Hull Lab

 executive director of FOCUS on New Haven

 editor-in-chief of Distilled Periodical

January Speakers

Business & Entrepreneurship

Daniel Huang.jpg

Daniel Huang

Daniel is the founder and CEO of Immotor. Previously, Daniel was the founder CEO of mophie and CEO of GGEC America.

Michael Wu.jpg

Michael Wu

A former OCMC co-president, Michael is a third-year student at Harvard University studying computer science and currently leading a social impact startup.

Natalie Yee.jpg

Natalie Yee

Natalie is a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania studying finance, business analytics, and computer science. She is the founder and former president of All Girls Math Tournament.

November Speakers

Computer Science

Michelle Xu.jpg

Michelle Xu

Stanford University,

c/o 2022

STEAM for All Alumni

Facebook SWE Intern

Melissa Informatics Intern

Kasra Lekan.jpg

Kasra Lekan

University of Virginia, c/o 2024

Jefferson Scholar

STEAM for All Alumni

Machine Learning Researcher

Farhana Islam.png

Farhana Islam

M.S. University of Pennsylvania

18+ years professional experience

Oracle Integration Cloud

Software Architect for Dept. of State

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