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2020 Harvest Math Invitational

Our inaugural Harvest Math Invitational was a success! We had nearly 150 people participate.

Below are the results:

Discrete Round:

1. Erik Brodsky

2. Lerchen Zhong

3. Benjamin Liu

Continuous Round:
1. Benjamin Fan
2. Rich Wang

3. Katelyn Gan

Overall Team:

1. Super MariOlgastars X Travis Scott Harvard Cafeteria Meal Staircase

2. Gunn > Paly


This was a great showing for our first time. We hope this event will become more and more successful as time goes on!


Thanks to following people who donated to us:


Alaina Klaes

Alyssa Huang

Cynthia Qi

Elaine Cui

Emily Zhang

Hongyu Shi

Joanna Fan
Pranav Moudgalya

Sophia Chen

Yong Zhu

Yongru Gu

And a special thanks to AoPS for their donation!

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