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Harvest Math Invitational

Join us for STEAM for All's second Harvest Math Invitational! It is a unique opportunity for high schoolers to compete in a challenging and fun individual and group contest of mathematical skill. More information can be found below.

Round Details

Individual Round:

  • Each team will assign half of their members to each of the two sections: Discrete and Continuous.

  • Both are 50-minute tests with 10 questions. No teamwork is allowed.

  • The Discrete Test will have number theory and combinatorics questions.

  • The Continuous Test will have algebra and geometry questions.

Team Round:

  • The Team Round is a 50-minute test with 10 questions.

  • At 25 minutes, each team can submit a set of answers that will give them 50% more points.

  • At 50 minutes, each team submits their final answers. If they submit an answer that is wrong and different from their answer from 25 minutes, they will get 0 points for that question.

Round of Choices:

  • Each team is presented with 5 sets of 3 problems. The sets are NOT in increasing order of difficulty; in fact, they are in a random order. At the end of the round, each team will submit any 3 of the 5 sets for grading.

  • Each set will be worth less if more teams get correct answers for that set.



  • In the event of a tie from the Individual Rounds, students will be invited to a tiebreaker round that is run during the awards ceremony. 

  • Students will have 15 minutes to solve 3 problems and can submit only one time whenever they want. Ties are broken first by the number of questions correct and then by how fast the answers were submitted.

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