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Thanksgiving Tournament

STEAM for All hosted its first Online Thanksgiving Tournament on November 21st, 2020 via Zoom! The event was an exciting, educational, and excellent experience for all of our participants. Nearly 200 participants–grades three to six–attended, all excited to demonstrate their aptitude for learning and mastery of math. The event was facilitated by 16 STEAM for All volunteers, each of whom had their own “breakout” rooms to conduct two rounds of eight challenging math problems. Then, we had a few activities, the first of which was a math jeopardy, testing general math knowledge as well as mental math. We then did some “math magic,” where one of our volunteers showed cool math tricks that seem almost like magic! Finally, top math masters were honored in an award ceremony at the very end of the event. 

Participants and volunteers alike voiced their tremendous appreciation for this event and STEAM for All hopes to improve the experience of the tournament for future years! Every participant left our event as a winner––some with an award and everyone with their newfound knowledge and appreciation for the mathematical sciences. In the brief span of a ninety-minute event, the SfA Thanksgiving Tournament instilled within many students a desire to learn beyond their curricular interests and we are incredibly grateful for the support of the entire STEAM for All community. We hope you stay safe and healthy!


Now, we would like to extend a warm congratulations to our winners! The results are as follows for the 3rd to 4th grade division:

  • Rohan Vannadil

  • Seungyoo Kim-Jung

  • Shenan Wu

  • Minwei Chen

  • Decong Zeng

The following students placed in the 5th to 6th grade division:

  • Laura Kay 

  • Virat Varada

  • Daniel Wang

  • Alvin Chen 

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