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To China, with Love

Article by: Lauren Chong

Starting from Feb. 23, STEAM for All will be launching a fundraiser, “To China, with Love,” to support the people of Wuhan, China in light of the recent coronavirus outbreak. 

While STEAM for All aims to provide meaningful community service, the organization decided it is in their best interest to raise funds for those afflicted by the coronavirus in the spirit of giving back. Please consider donating to the fundraiser, which will accept more either cash, check or Paypal. Funds will go directly to the Hubei Provincial Hospital, where the virus was first discovered.  

“As I hear the distress of my parents when they first found out that my aunt has been diagnosed with the coronavirus and how she had to be separated from my cousin and uncle, I felt first-hand how devastating the coronavirus can be to friends and family members of those inflicted with the virus. Seeking to do all I can to help alleviate the hardships my hometown face, I looked into my own community for support,” STEAM for All President Kevin Zhang said. 

STEAM for All first felt the extent of the coronavirus’s impact in the Orange County community on Jan. 26, when STEAM for All board members and advisors made the difficult decision to cancel the New Year’s Invitational Event, coordinated by Orange County Math Circle (OCMC), one of nine STEAM for All sub-organizations,  just three hours before its start. To take further precautions, STEAM for All operations were put on a hiatus for the month of February.

“Canceling the tournament was at first a difficult decision for us to make, but certainly a correct one under such unprecedentedly severe consequence,” OCMC Co-President Cynthia Qi said. 

If a monetary donation is not a possibility, please consider supporting the campaign in other ways: write or film a supportive message for those afflicted by the virus and follow the fundraiser’s Instagram, ToChina.withLove.  

STEAM for All organizations are currently working to fundraise for the effort. OC Scholar is starting a photography and writing competition based on the theme of “community” with a $5 entry fee to be donated for the fundraiser. Additionally, OC Arts will be planning a benefits concert with all funding donated to “To China, with Love.” 

STEAM for All will continue their extensive campaigning through its individual school chapters, Orange County Science and Engineer Week (OCSEW), mass emails, broadcasting and more. With your help and effort, we hope to provide as much support to the Wuhan community as possible. 


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